Greetings! My name is Bob Bhandari, and this is my website which I dedicate to you, my readers. Together, we can build this page to include what is important to me and you, as well. The purpose is for sharing events, news and happenings wherever they are.

In a world of unrest, it is important to find the beauty that surrounds us, the blessings we all have in our lives and to reach out to those less fortunate. I hope you will join me as we gather the flowers along the path reaching for our dreams in life and knowing anything is possible…if you only believe and never give up.

You will discover through the pages of my book that life is worth fighting the bumps in the road, and our endeavors are always rewarded.

So, come along and let’s explore the world of discovery. A place where readers can sit back, relax and rest with a great book, get involved with one another other, and find a way to lend a hand to our neighbor.

If you would you like me to expand about any of the charitable organizations that I am committed to helping, just drop me an e-mail. at bob@BobBhandari.com.

There’s always room for your generous help.

I invite you to send me your comments, requests for announcements and any question you would like me to answer regarding my book, The Golden Lady of Nepal.

Your Friend,