Vespa, Scooter Tour in Nepal – Location, Timing, Cost, & Precautions
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Vespa, Scooter Tour in Nepal – Location, Timing, Cost, & Precautions

What is a Vespa?

For those who may not know what a Vespa is or how it will help you see more while seeking out places of interest, a Vespa could really enhance your time very well.

A Vespa is an Italian brand of a scooter or moped type vehicle that was designed and manufactured by Piaggio. In Italian, it means wasp! I believe what I have heard from others guessing about its meaning, by simply thinking of all the places a wasp can go undetected and swiftly. The same goes for the Vespa. In the beginning, in 1946, it was a single model motor scooter manufactured by Piaggio, in Italy. But, it has evolved, making its way all around the globe for its size, economical travel, and sleek lines.

What is a Vespa tour?

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KimKim Travel Nepal

This tour can be enjoyed by renting your own scooters at or around $7 per day or riding a vintage Vespa and taking various tours from the streets of Kathmandu to food tasting tours! Tour companies in Kathmandu are the place to make your reservations.

You can get in and out of the streets of Kathmandu and the encompassing valley. Take a day tour, chauffeured on the back of a vintage Vespa!

Viator offers a Scooty Tour in Kathmandu, which sounds new and very interesting for those who want to drive their own scooter. Other agencies offer it as well, and with so many tours available, you are sure to find one that’s made, exactly as you like. A Scooty tour is usually a one day tour where the tour company has put together the most prominent locations/places in the Kathmandu valley and often include: Swaymbunath Stupa, Pasupatinath Temple, Boudhanath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Most of this type of tour takes in the places that are enlisted as UNESCO world heritage sites. Therefore, entry permits are required by every individual traveler.

What are the costs of tour rentals?

Vespa tours, chauffeured on a vintage Vespa, will take you to visit all the well-known sites and a few off the beaten path. These Vespa tours claim to offer more than the regular Kathmandu tours by showing you the real Kathmandu that its citizens see.

In keeping with the Vespa, several locations rent other scooter models where you can find exceptional prices and healthy competition. So be sure to shop for the best all-around vehicle goos for you and your liking. 

No matter what type scooter you rent, there are tours to be found respectably. You can take a Kathmandu tour, Kathmandu Valley, Food tours, and just about any that you could imagine.

Costs vary depending on which tour, if any, you decide to enjoy. The tours as a whole while I researched offered prices between $120 to $185. per day, and per person. Again, it will depend on what you want to be included. All tours appear to have the scooter, guides, all entrance fees to where you tour, and some include food. Most tours are between 6 to 7 hours.

Where do you go to book tours with scooters?

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I recommend that you find by research a reputable local tour company in Kath

mandu or Pokhara. There are many there to chose from on a regional basis. If you are uncomfortable researching it yourself by reading reviews and comparing one to another, then see your local travel agents where you live. I have also offered several names that you can contact from the photographs. Many are attached to a travel agent, and it would be an excellent place to begin.

What time of year is best to take a scooter tour in Nepal?

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Himal Mandap Travel

The best time to visit Nepal with the idea of touring on a motorcycle or scooter is in the Spring. It is also a good time to cycle in Nepal’s altitude as the weather will co-operate, providing you with beautiful days and moderate temperatures. That would be from March through May. If visiting between June and August, the season is also suitable for riding in high altitudes. Still, there is a chance of some rain, though reported as almost no rain!


Is it difficult to tour on your own, or do you need a guide?

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If time allows you to venture out leisure, I would go the first few days and look around at what interests you the most. Tour a few spots on your own, and if you see or feel you have not seen it correctly or in the way you would like, then hire a guide or find a local travel agent for assistance. The one drawback is if you travel during peak times, prices may be higher band/or tours could be sold out. You may find a guide but perhaps no scooters to rent. Personally, I enjoy research to sites where I feel will be places of interest and learn, read reviews on those sites, and then follow through. If it’s somewhere you really want to see, call the local travel agent you bought your airline tickets from and book that particular place. Most travel agents offer packages with hotels, transportation, and even tourist hot spots to visit at reduced prices as a package.

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