Bob’s Special Interest
Bob Bhandari
भक्त बहादुर भण्डारी

Affiliation Organizations in the U.S.A. Affiliation Organizations in the U.S.A.

• Nepalese Society, Texas. (General Secretary 2018-2019)
• Far Western Nepalese Society, Texas. Founding President 2017-2018
• HDNP International, U.S.A. www. (Advisor)
• Blood Donors of America, U.S.A. (Lifetime Member)
• Lions Club
• Dallas Tufan, U.S.A. (1st basketball Nepali team) Founding Member 1999.
• Youth for Peace in Nepal. President 2005
• Prithvi Narayan Shah Memorial & Cultural Academy, U.S.A., Founding Trustee
• Nepali Cultural & Spiritual Center (NCSC), U.S.A. Founding Member.
• UNA (United Nepalese Association).
• Affiliation Organizations In Nepal:
• Sharada Foundation, Nepal. Founding Senior advisor
• Paropakar Primary Health Care Center (PPUK) Advisor
• Motherland Volunteer Family. 2005-2006 Vice President
• Help Nepal Network. (Field Co)
• ordinator, earthquake 2015, Nepal)
• Sanu Foundation. (Executive Director)
• Good-Governance for anti-corruption movement(Goodwill Ambassador)
• Dalit service society (Advisor)
• National Buddhist Netword (Senior Advisor)
• Hands for education. (Senior Advisor 2007)

Life carries with it many memories of both the sad times and those of our happiest life events. For me, one of my greatest of all treasures and happiness fall within my heart, which are all about my family. My wife, Chandani Dhungana, our son, Eshan Bhandari, and our precious daughter, Evie Bhandari, are the heartbeats of my life. To them, my greatest gift is that of love, peace and hope for a better life than many others even know. It is with this book that I share the vision of a woman who never has given up her dreams for a better way to live in peace and harmony with mankind.