Everything You Should Know About Canyon Swing Sports in Nepal – Location, Timing, Cost, & Precautions

Everything You Should Know About Canyon Swing Sports in Nepal – Location, Timing, Cost, & Precautions

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Canyon Swing, Two, Can Be Better Than One!

What is a Canyon Swing?

The Canyon Swing is the world’s highest giant swing that offers it’s passengers an awe-inspiring gravity-defying adventure. This canyon swing offers you free fall to enjoy the adrenaline rush, making your jump memorable. You are fitted by experienced and trained staff with a chest harness attached to their twin rope swinging system. A pendulum-type system has cables that connect you to the pivot point where you swing at its end of, for a total period of 12 seconds. For those looking to challenge your adrenaline, this is one for you!


Where is the Canyon Swing Located?

The Canyon Swing is located at The Last Resort in Nepal. Photographs from The Last Resort.
Nestled approximately 3 hours from Kathmandu, you will find a great site where dreams, wishes, and extreme adventure sports exist. Nepal is a land of breathtaking canyons, scenery, and mountain ranges so enormous most any adventure sport can be found. It also offers attractions for visitors to experience having your spirits soar. Nepal is known for drawing travelers of the adrenaline junkies, who are looking for thrills.

Photographs From Adventure Sports Nepal

How exciting it is visiting a vacationland where you can test your endurance or stroll nearby while gathering the courage of such a phenomenal challenge. Nepal has all of the top fifteen extreme sports adventures, waiting to fulfill your dreams. From Kayaking rivers to the stimulation of death-defying escapades, all of which you can conquer! There’s one location in Nepal, where you can have it all. The Last Resort, in Nepal, is calling out your name! Its cliff-side resort is waiting for you.


How do you get to The Last Resort’s Canyon Swing from Kathmandu?


Photograph from Tibet Travel.org

You can get to the location on your own but asked to arrive at the Canyon Swing by 10 AM. You can take their bus departing simultaneously but must arrive at their premises in Thamel at 5:45 AM for departure. Although the ride is three hours, you will enjoy the scenery of winding roads, glistening waterfalls, and the lush green hillsides. The bus stops for breakfast, but they advise you to pack snacks and water for your time on the bus and your time there.


What happens after you arrive at The Canyon Swing?

Photograph from AdventureSport.com

Once at the facility, you will check in with the staff, where they will see that you are wearing proper clothing and shoes. The shoes must be secure so as not to fall off during your descent. You will also be fitted for your harness. The staff are professional and prepared for your arrival, making sure that your needs are met. If you elect to carry a GoPro, you may do so, but it is your responsibility that it is secure to guard against loss. 

Generally, by 2 PM, you have completed your jump, but the bus is not scheduled to depart for about 2 hours. You have ample social time to meander around the resort. You can use the extra time by enjoying the viewing section. There, you can watch people jump or enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gorge, and the dense jungles on either side of the bridge.


What hours can you visit the Last Resort to for the Canyon Swing?

Photograph From The Travel House-Nepal

The Last Resort is open on a fixed schedule.

The bus departs daily except for Monday from TriDevi Marg (Kathmandu)-In front of Himalaya Bank at 6.00 AM, arriving back in Kathmandu in the evening around 7,00 PM


After arriving back at your hotel, you may want to sit and relax before turning in, so you are ready for another full day of activities! Here is a small glimpse at The Last Resort, delicately hidden behind the lush landscape of nature’s beauty, which awaits your arrival.


What does it cost for the ticket to Canyon Swing?

The cost varies from $80 to $108 in the US. dollars. Please check with your travel agent for up to the date prices.


What are the guidelines/requirements for the Canyon Swing?

  • Minimum Weight: For both bungee and swing, the minimum weight is 100 pounds.
  • Maximum weight: The weight for bungee jumping is 220 pounds, and for the Canyon swing, 265 pounds. For the tandem swing, the maximum combined weight of two of you should not exceed 310 pounds.
  • You must put on tight shoes if you are going to do adventure activities.
  • You must be above 18 years, or else parent’s consent is required.
  • You must inform us about your health condition like asthma, recent surgery, epilepsy, intoxication,  disease, high blood pressure, orthopedic problems, psychological problems, neurological issues, pregnancy, etc.
  • If You arrive on your own transportation, you are expected to reach before 9:30 AM.


Final Thoughts

Can you imagine yourself standing on the edge, looking down 524 feet at the Bhote Kosi River’s raging waters, and knowing you were going over that edge soon? If so, this extreme adventure sport is for you. As you step closer to the edge that’s perched on a suspension bridge, you plummet with anticipation. Your adrenaline is rushing through your body as your heart feels as though it would come through your throat while your screams echo off the mountains surrounding you. As you touch down, you feel alive and free. If this sounds like the rush you had hoped to find, this is it! Once you have accomplished your ultimate goals, then nothing could stop you now. What would you do next?

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