16 Adventure Sports You Can Experience In Nepal – A Peak Look at Nepal’s Adventures

Can you see yourself in this photograph having the time of your life being guided by such an awesome bird? Who deserves such a vision better than you? Why not sit down and plan out a sports adventure with your family or friends? I cannot guarantee you that a bird will guide you as the one above, but if signing up, there’s no reason to think otherwise!

Nepal is a country filled with scenery and challenges to soothe away anyone’s curiosity about the unknown. Adventure Sports in Nepal will provide you with a list of so many reasons to visit this most incredible country of Nepal.

Each of these sports listed here will be discussed in the following blog posts ,so if you are interested in one or more listed here, you will have a detailed accounting for each of the top 16 sport s in Nepal.

The Last Resort is a wonderful location where you can stay and partake in many sports adventures. Or you can stay in Kathmandu, be spoiled in luxury when returning from a long day in the mountains.

This location that I have also discovered has a touch of magic. It’s name is the Dwarika Resort Dhulikhel, which is located in Kathmandu, and is the perfect Boutique hotel spoiling you in luxury; after your long day traveling, or trekking Mount Everest, Bungee Jumping or enjoying the thrilling sport of Canyon Swinging.

Here is what you will find as the most sought after sports activities in Nepal:


Mountaineering also known as mountain climbing with its purpose of a goal to reach the highest point in mountainous regions. This adventure sport is one of Nepals main attractions with the massive mountain ranges to view from many advantage points.  The altitude is greater than anywhere else on earth that you will see at the Everest. Trekkers from all over the world travel to Nepal just to see or trek many of the mountain peaks found in Nepal. It’s even a great sport for camera enthusiasts! What a paradise for mountaineers to find eight of the world’s highest mountains in the country of Nepal. Of course, Mount Everest would be the ultimate challenge by reaching the summit.

However, if that is not on your bucket list to do, then what about Nepal’s Himalayas or taking on one of the other 326 mountain peaks calling your name! Eight of the world’s highest peaks lie within Nepal’s Territory. Where are you planning to go to mountaineering? The Himalayas would be a superior choice. It does not matter where you select, challenges and awe-inspiring hikes are in Nepal waiting for you to trek across their real estate! Those who are trekking or mountaineering, will find Nepal a superior location to visit.

Mountaineering also known as mountain climbing with its purpose of a goal to reach the highest point in mountainous regions. This adventure sport is one of Nepals main attractions with the massive mountain ranges to view from many advantage points. 

their real estate! Those who are trekking or mountaineering will find Nepal a superior location to visit.



Those who are trekking will find Nepal an ideal location to visit. Many dream of trekking the world’s tallest peak. Mount Everest is 29,035 feet. Trekking is exploring and enjoying the challenge and scenery as you reach for your goal of summiting the mountain or reaching the destination goal. Walking describes it best, just at different paces and elevations. Usually, the trails or paths one treks are of unspoiled wilderness. 

There are teahouses frequently spaced apart, so you are never far from help or a cozy place to sleep, should you want to duck inside along the way. Teahouses are small mountain lodges that likely all have a warm fire going and hot beverages to warm your body.

Nepal is actually a very safe place to trek. Regulations are changing to make sure an applicant is in condition. Contact your travel agent today and begin living your dreams!


Whitewater Rafting


For those unfamiliar with white water rafting, but entertain the idea of doing a tour, let me explain it. Rafting uses a rubber inflatable raft to maneuver its way on a river or other body of water. This sport is one where you learn the meaning of teamwork. This outdoor recreational sport is most often on whitewater or rough water. As teamwork, you will deal with the risks and challenges together while building memories. If departing from Pokhara, the best whitewater day trip is on the Upper Seti. During October/November, this river offers challenging rapids, but where you can pass through a gorge with the high Annapurna Himalayas above

The cost is fairly inexpensive compared to the United States and other countries.

Between $800 to $1,200, you will get a multiple-day trip, including all food, a tent hire, equipment, and ground transportation. A Day trips cost around $70, including transportation and lunch.

Photograph Courtesy of the Himalayan River Operator: https://www.Himalayanriveroperator.com


You can even enjoy this sport, not knowing how to swim. Of course. It’s always a good idea if in or around water that you learn. If taking a commercial rafting tour, be sure you let them know that you cannot swim. Everyone wears a floatation device or a coast guard approved life vest. It is designed to keep you upright in the river.



Kayakers, beware! The river can get rough, and then the challenge begins. Using a double blade paddle, you must understand the river flow as you negotiate the rapids. There will be obstacles on the river as you make your way through the rapids. Nepal is the perfect location for challenges or a peaceful calm day on the water. Nepal offers a wide range of choices for your enjoyment.

A bonus for you with Kayaking! Did you know that while you are having the time of your life enjoying new experiences, you are also engaged in a healthy activity?

Safety should be your number one priority. Be aware of your surroundings and the elements for the danger that could affect your life. What lives in the waters that could be a threat for you, should you choose to kayak. Are there crocodiles in the river? Get acquainted before you go, so you are both informed and protected.



This sport was founded by two men from Europe in the 1990s. The two men were so intrigued that they returned with students to practice the new sport on the Bhote Koshi River. As it became popular, they continued training new students. 

What is the essential gear needed for any Canyoneering adventure:

  • Proper footwear: Boots or other substantial shoes to fully protect your feet. NO SANDALS!
  • Durable pants that can withstand catching on rocks and vegetation. Rocks could injure bare legs-no shorts!
  • Extra layers for unexpected cold or wet conditions.
  • Food, water.
  • First aid kit and knowledge about how to use it.
  • Backpack.

Be sure to follow us for the next blog, which will provide you with a detailed report on each of these sports to make an informed decision of which one you want to sign up to do.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Nepal is an extreme sport and offers many opportunities for all levels of climbers. The purpose is for participants to climb up or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls that you see in many sports stores or gyms. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling. This sport is not for the weak nor those out of condition. A small example is your hands. Your strength is crucial. At many times during a climb, your hands are supporting your body weight. This sport tests your strength and challenges your physical and mental stability, agility, and endurance. Rock climbing has won its place in extreme sports, rising in popularity among locals and tourists.


Bungee Jumping

PHOTOGRAPH: Courtesy of Stunningnepal.com

Most of us know what bungee jumping is because of its popularity. But, in case you have not heard of it, here is what bungee jumping is.

Think of it like a huge rubber band. When it is stretched to its fullest ability, it springs back. The same goes for a bungee cord, except a person is attached to the other end of the bungee cord. The sport of jumping off a high structure or mountain with one end of the bungee cord attached to the jumper, and then the person springs back just before hitting the ground or water. This is what bungee jumping is to the thrill-seeker attached to the bungee cord! Are you brave enough to take that leap of faith? You will find the adventure and excitement of bungee jumping in Nepal, as it provides you with a lifetime memory.


Mountain Biking

Photograph courtesy of Trip Advisor

Mountain biking is a sport where riding off-road on specially designed bikes made for rough terrains and divided into multiple categories. They are cross country, trail riding, all-mountain, free ride, and dirt jumping. The extraordinary countryside and trails blend together, offering you the opportunity to see Nepal, better than any other sport. The challenges of the rural and country roads and steep mountains beacon you to take them on. Imagine yourself riding through rice fields, ice terrains, mountain mud tracks, biking to the Terai towns, and traveling to Mount Mera with your bike, and finding endless possibilities of places to visit, only accessible by a bicycle. But, remember, mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport that can bring about critical injuries.

Kathmandu Valley itself offers you many ways to enjoy rare treasures of hidden trails only the local residents know of but that most westerners never see.


Ice climbing

Photograph courtesy of Adventure consultants

Ice climbing is an extreme sport where one needs to pay close attention to your surroundings. Ice climbing is most likely the most dangerous form of climbing there is. You must pay attention to the signs of hypothermia.

But you must pack extra clothes. 

You will be paying close attention to what you are doing, so you may not realize when you are too cold, tired, or hungry. When working hard on the ice, be sure you remember that conserving energy is vital when ice climbing!

Are you ready for the challenge of your life? Grab your ice axe and let’s go! Have you ever envisioned yourself ice climbing on the tallest mountain in the world? Have you ever traveled to Nepal, where dreams can come to life with the popular extreme adventure sports? Remember this, once you get over the initial fear, it’s entertaining and enjoyable. Remember to relax your hands and body as much as possible.


Photograph Courtesy of Base Camp Adventures

Bungee Jumping

Scary, yes? Scream all the way down, and you will feel so good! Every pent-up emotion is released, and the joy sets in. Just imagine being the first person to find the courage to plunge headfirst into the unknown from a bridge and with nothing but a massive elastic band strapped to your ankles. That is what occurred in 1979, and keeps on happening in Nepal.

Stunning Nepal-Paragliding in Kathmandu

In Nepal, bungee jumping is available in two locations. Bhote Koshi Gorge and Hemja Pokhara. These locations have multiplied in the last two years. The views are specular in Nepal, so bungee jumping in this country couldn’t be in a more perfect place.

Bungee jumping is an action-packed recreational adventure where you jump off a tall bridge, crane, helicopter, or building. The costs run from $30 to $400., depending on how high the structure is. Charges are based on the height you wish to jump.

If you are new to bungee jumping, bridges are considered to be the easiest, and there’s no hiking in to get to them. Beginners, here is your chance to take advantage of bungee jumping in a more manageable form, yet the thrill of your life!



Photograph courtesy of: Trip Advisor

Paragliding is a sport where a glider wears a wide canopy, much like a parachute attached to their body by a harness. The harness allows the glider to drift through the air after bounding from or being elevated to a high point.

As long as there is enough wind, no striations are put on one who wants to partake in this sport. Participants as much as 350 providing the wind is what is necessary are allowed to go. However, with paragliding tandems, which is totally different, the weight limit is 175 pounds. But, the minimum age to fly solo is 14.

Have you heard the expression to dress it up or down? The same with paragliding. Paragliding is a sport that you can switch around. It can be as safe as you like or as dangerous as you want it to be. However, if you are designing your choice on your own, it is imperative that you work with a professional instructor to guide your plan. It is also crucial your equipment be the best possible. After all, it is your life. 



Are you wondering if anyone has or can skydive from the largest mountain in the world? Mount Everest awaits you to skydive as the many before you. The altitude of 29,029 feet is where you will propel from as you plummet down the front side, past the most cultural scenery surrounding this mountain. You will also free-fall past many of the highest peaks in the world. All at an altitude where you will experience what is called an oxygen jump. October and November.

You can choose to land in Syangboche Airport or at the base camp of one of the most iconic mountains in the Khumbu, Ama Dablam.

Now let’s not forget the lovely area surrounding Pokhara. Flying above the clouds, you will see the most breath-taking scenery and the Annapurnas! You will jump at one of the most extraordinary drop zones in the world. POKHARA SKYDIVE has a strong customer based attitudes and states, No dream is too big for Pokhara Skydive! How can you object to that! Check out the up to date prices and packages you may wish to do. Pokhara Skydive Package For Foreigners begins USD 3,000. Per Person. Your dive will have you cradled between the Himalayan Mountains, and you will find yourself leaping from a height of 9000-11000 ft from AS 350 B3/B2 Helicopter!

Pokhara, is a city located 124 miles west of Kathmandu, giving you the best of everything having these two large cities catering to your every need. Pokhara is considered to be the adventure hub of Nepal. From Pokhara Skydive: Your entire jump will be captured on film by our camera flyer so that you can relive your moments again and again.


Canyon Swing

Photograph courtesy of The Last Resort

A word from one of the largest facilities offering many sports adventures: The Last Resort

Swing away!

The Canyon Swing at The Last Resort in Nepal is the world’s highest giant swing, offering you a full-on, adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying adventure. The swing at this resort is the world’s largest. It gives you an adrenaline rush and a gravity-defying experience. It’s only a 4-hour drive to the Last Resort, but the bus ride travels along the roads with extraordinary scenery. Your jump is filmed on a DVD so you can relive it over and again plus share it with family and friends. The Canyon Swing at The Last Resort in Nepal is the world’s highest giant swing, offering you a full-on, adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying adventure.

To date, the published rate for Bungy and Overnight stay is USD128 per person, which includes two-way transportation, all meals, jump, and all taxes. Be sure to check these rates with your travel agent.

Taking a loved one along or best friend? Why not sign up for the Tandem Canyon Swing and share a ride together?



Photographs Courtesy of:  Global-Link Tours and Travel

The steepest, longest and fastest zip-lines in the world are in Nepal. Its length is (1.8 km), 1.1 miles, a 1,968.5 foot drop, and can travel at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. These facts make the zip-line in Pokhara one of the best adventure sports attractions in Pokhara.

Its locations are in Sarangot, which is only a 20-minute s-bus ride away, but was it a bumpy ride! The zip-line sits alone at the top of a hill where it will all begin! After you are buckled in, reality strikes! Between fear and excitement, you are overcome with emotions and headed down towards the fast-running river. Due to its size, the one thing positive was being seated in a harness and not strapped by the ankles. After being prepared, a count down begins, and on the count of five, the metal doors open up and out you go! Straight out and down through the dense forest on either side, towards the raging water.

The cost is only $35 single or $60 double. Not bad, considering it is an experience of a lifetime!


Jungle Safari

Natural Habitat Adventures Himalayan Jewels: Bhutan & Nepal

When you think of Nepal, do you imagine a jungle safari? Well, not I. Nepal is known for the Himalayas and Mount Everest and trekking but not a jungle. The truth is, Terai’s tropical wilderness is the habitat of wild endangered animals.

The best way to take this tour is either in a jeep or on an elephant’s back. The existence of colossal trees, native birds with their sweet melodies, and with the exotic wildlife all around you, exuberance will create the sensation of feeling free. What better way to experience our extraordinary wildlife than to surround yourself in the environment of nature. If you are lucky, you may see a Royal Bengal Tiger at the Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park. The safari package generally ranges around $246. But, please be sure you check with a travel agent to verify current prices.

Other notable wildlife found in Nepal are the Bengal fox, clouded leopard, corsac fox, and one-horned rhinoceros. Also seen are the Asiatic elephant, marbled cat, Indian Pangolin, Chinese Pangolin, red panda, snow leopard (photograph shared above), Tibetan fox, Pablo, and the Tibetan wolf.

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