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Life in Nepal for women has been one of severe gender inequality for decades, however, in 1975, a woman named Sharada was born and has proven to be a living legend for women’s rights and equality for that of every citizen in Nepal to exist without corruption. Her persistence took a significant toll on her personal life where she sustained every emotional and physical abuse possible, yet she continued at substantial cost to her well-being, to fight against the powers to be in society while she resisted the system and its laws every day of her life.

This story demonstrates the strength of her iron will, but Sharada proves herself to be more valuable than that of gold. By her example of resilience, women learned how to prevail in becoming more than that of a doormat to men. Emotions run high in The Golden Lady of Nepal, where you will find yourself in tears as she is raped, beaten and starved when all she ever wanted was to be loved. Sharada, with extraordinary courage, threw all caution to the wind for her safety while fighting everyone from her husband to the head of the communist parties or corrupt leaders who certainly wished for her death. Many have cheered her on to victory as you will, while she finds it for herself and all of Nepal.

About The Author

Bhakta Bahadur Bhandari was born and raised in Nepal but moved to the United States for his education, graduating from the University Of Central Oklahoma, on August 1, 2006, with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration. His legal name in the United States for his American friends is Bob Bhandari. He enjoys his life in the United States with his wife and children, but he still has a sense of obligation to his homeland and family still living in Nepal. To Bob’s credit, he has spent his life looking after the needs of many people with his volunteer work, and currently is an entrepreneur, and successful administrator and as a leader since 1993. Now he is serving as General Secretary of ‘Nepalese Society, Texas USA’ while he is working and affiliated with many organizations.

Chapter I – The Early Days

Sharada’s beginning in life introducing her family, the hardships and sets the tone for her life of abuse and her spirit.

Chapter II – A Journey to the Dark

The dark side of life in captivity and drugs yet as a survivor, Sharada, finds a way to survive.

Chapter III – Freedom is Not Found In Oleanders

As life turns unbearable, suicide was her only way out and Oleanders as beautiful as they are, felt to be her ticket to freedom.

Chapter IV – New People, New Culture

Chapter V – The Beginning of My Public Life

Chapter VI – Fighting Against Corruption

Fighting corruption, Sharada, becomes a force to be reckoned with while gaining her self-esteem.

Chapter VII – Journey to Kathmandu: Breaking The Silence

Taking on the government, Sharada puts her own life in serious jeopardy with her first Fast Unto Death, to protect the rights for all women.

Chapter VIII – Impacts of Hunger Strike

Sharada returned to her village, due to the hunger being more than she could bear. However, she had the documents for the Right to Information, which she would share with the villagers, explaining how they could win a better life.

Chapter IX – Write against 601 MPs

In May 2012, life changed again, and another Fast Unto Death was agreed upon, in front of the main gate of CIAA, but the plans changed. Finally, once they began, two to four hundred people showed up daily for their support to fight corruption.

Chapter X – Obstacles and The Way Forward

This chapter is action-packed from the tragedy of an earthquake to publishing of Sharada’s first book. The government progress and a chance meeting with Bob Bhandari, a citizen that was visiting Nepal from the U.S.A. He wanted to republish Sharada’s book in English and offered to help with her with the challenges she faced, to improve her life, and for those in Nepal. History, tidbits, and places of interest are also a vital part of this last chapter.

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